Elemental Cafe, Shop 5, First Avenue & Standard Drive, Victory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

We could start off by discussing the wholesome offerings on the Elemental Cafe menu or by pointing out that they make Vegan eating look super enticing but then we would probably run out of space and time because what we really want to point out is that from the M.O.M Approved perspective this venue is child-friendly oasis and we are so proud to have them in our International network of family friendly venues.

You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped into an indoor play centre, because at first glance it’s hard to imagine that this child friendly zone is also a serious eatery with an impressive cosmopolitan menu and a genuine wood-fired pizza oven.

The emphasis here is on clean eating, freshly prepared, good food for young and old, a welcome respite from the junk and convenience foods usually disguised as a children’s menu…

The atmosphere is lovely,  the owners Skye and Fred are attentive and friendly from the moment you walk into the restaurant.

We recommend weekend visits as the place is swarming with families of all sizes and backgrounds (booking is advised, as they do fill up quickly).I must say that the one characteristic that jumped out at me was the buzz of laughter in the air during our visit, that says a lot about a venue!

There are tables to seat larger groups and families are seated within close proximity to the secure play area – this gave me peace of mind as I didn’t feel that i had to stand guard over my 3 year old daughter.

The proprietors, obviously parents and grandparents themselves, thought of every conceivable thing that could make a family visit fun and comfortable, there are books and puzzles for older kids, yet the atmosphere is still conducive to someone wishing to read a book in peace.

Menu’s are designed to look like vintage books, that’s a nice classy touch and there is a specific menu for little one’s with freshly squeezed juices and veggie packed meals, meals so good that even the fussiest eater will be tempted to take a bite!

Prices are fair and everything is about the venue feels inviting and wholesome.

Staff Attitude 

The staff are extremely friendly and mindful of children who are visiting the restaurant

Service is fast  and I was most impressed to learn that the venue also caters for kiddies parties, so that’s everything under one roof!

P.S. they serve the freshest, tastiest milkshakes too, which are prepared right in front of you with high quality ingredients.

When you visit look for the M.O.M Approved sticker and tell them we sent you 🙂

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/elementaljozi


Làbimbi via Orfeo 46

Làbimbi  is a project of the social center located in the occupied space at the former military barracks: Labas Masi

This structure is run independently by youth with a great  passion for children.

At the centre you find a large carpeted  room with  soft, child appropriate games, the walls have been restored and  painted by the project leaders and by the children who frequent the space, there are also rooms dedicated to art and creative recycling workshops and a snack room.

They are gearing up to eventually include a  baby changing station in the bathroom as well as to later provide a free baby clothing exchange programme.
Làbimbi is open every Wednesday from 17:00, to coincide with the fabulous fresh food/farmers market  held in the large courtyard, where only products from local producers are sold , and where your children can play safely.
The current weekly project is the creation of a vegetable garden, again  with the help of the children who in turn learn to plant and care for their own vegetables.
We commend the goodwill of these guys running this project,  although they’re  very young (mainly Unìversity students), they  were able to acknowlegde the needs of families in the city, by not only creating a safe space suitable for children, but by also doing workshops for their entertainment (at no cost, just a voluntary donation).

Their future plans are to make Làbimbi self-managed by parents and create a social kindergarten, a real focus on community involvement, inclusivity and upliftment.
We recommend that  you to go on a Wednesday, this space is different, fun and quirky!

Services offered:
Children’s supervised play area, bio-snacks, workshops for children,  barter/exchange room for childrens goods. All run on  voluntary donations.

Every Wednesday from 17:00
Who should go?
Labimbi is opens to all ages, children must be accompanied by adults




Well Done Burger via Fioravanti 137

Well Done Burger has joined our network, the restaurant offers unique gourmet  burgers freshly prepared with the best ingredients from right here  in Italy, the products used are carefully selected, such as their meat which comes from local farms and non-modified, only organic flours and vegetables in season.
The restaurant in  Via Fioravanti (there are two venues in Bologna), in addition to offering  quality food, offers a dedicated service for children, in fact, families are encouraged  to go there from Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 20.00 (it is obligatory to leave the table by 20.00), all children eat free, with a great, wholesome menu dedicated to them.
The restaurant features large tables which diners share,  high chairs are available for much younger children as well as placemats to colour and crayons for the bigger kids.

Services for children
High chair, Childrens menu, colour-in sheets and crayons

What can be improved?
A baby changing table/area, and maybe some more boardgames  to entertain children as ours became quite restless during our visit

Staff Attitude 
we found the young, hip staff to be quite courteous and tolerant toward our rowdy children, be warned that the place is’ small though and they frown on children running about between the tables









Làbimbi via Orfeo 46

Entra nella nostra rete anche  Làbimbi; è un progetto del centro sociale Làbas che si trova nell’ex caserma Masini. E’ una struttura gestita da ragazzi/e con molta  cura e passione verso i bambini.  

Vi potrete trovare un’ampia sala con tappeti morbidi e giochi, alle pareti, dipinti fatti da loro e dai bambini, vi sono poi delle stanze dedicate all’arte creativa e del riciclo in cui vengono fatti laboratori, ed infine una stanza dedicata alla merenda; si stanno attrezzando per mettere il fasciatoio in bagno e un spazio dove si possono prendere e portare vestiti per bambini/e liberamente.

Làbimbi è aperto tutti i mercoledì dalle 17.00, in concomitanza con il favoloso mercato di Campi Aperti che si tiene  nell’ampio cortile, dove si trovano solo prodotti provenienti da produttori locali e dove i vostri bimbi potranno giocare in tutta tranquillità.

Da un paio di settimane inoltre si stanno dedicando alla creazione di un orto, sempre con l’aiuto dei bambini che possono piantare i loro ortaggi.

Premiamo la buona volontà di questi ragazzi, che sebbene molto giovani, hanno saputo tenere un occhio di riguardo alle famiglie, sia creando uno spazio adatto ai bambini, che facendo laboratori per il loro intrattenimento. Nei loro piani futuri ci sarebbe la possibilità di rendere Làbimbi autogestito dai genitori e di creare un asilo sociale

Ci sentiamo di consigliarlo per passare un mercoledì diverso e stravagante!

Servizi offerti

Area bimbi, bio-merenda,laboratori per bambini, stanza del baratto. Tutto a offerta libera.


Ogni mercoledì dalle 17.00

A chi è rivolto?

E’ rivolto a tutte le fasce d’età, i più piccoli accompagnati dai genitori




Le Petit Café du Monde Entier, Paris

In Paris they’re called Café Poussette … literally translated that means Stroller or Pushcar cafe. These are cafés and bistros, designed to cater for families with children with all the amenities you would expect while visiting with children in tow, we set off to explore one….

Le Petit Café du Monde Entier is a lovely, colorful bistro, typically French, tastefully decorated with great attention to detail. You’re struck, immediately upon entering the venue’s first room, by the fact that  in addition to the usual tables, there are also a host of comfortable chairs and a beautiful children’s corner with games, books, kiddie chairs and a small toy kitchen … so there is literally something for all tastes!

In front of the service counter are a host of things for sale, from books to babyslings, all thoughyfully placed on high enoough shelves, safely out of the reach of little hands.

In another comfortably cushioned room sits a small table with crayons and paper for drawing and coloring  for the kids and more  tables for adults, you can comfortably keep a watchful eye,  we’re told they also organize activities and workshops for children in this space.
Another room has been converted into a dressing/storage  room, where  strollers are safely deposited and and baby bouncers  are made available for guests.

The bathrooms are perfect, one for adults and one for children, complete with a miniature wash basins, stepping stools, a changing table and baby wipes.
The menu is varied and also provides meals for the little ones, , you can even make your own pancakes for Sunday brunch !
Basically, this is  a great example of how a café, can become family friendly by making some small changes, while remaining attentive to the needs of  families with children!


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Il Club degli allegri saltasu via San Rocco 5, Bologna

Our latest approval went to “Il club degli allegri saltasu”  , a privately owned club for families with children aged between 1 to 11 years, in the historic centre of Bologna!

It has a large indoor play area complete  with a playground consisting of  inflatable games, racket games, pools filled with balls and a play zone with books and even games to suit all ages.

The club further provides spaces to rent  for its members for  events and birthday parties, but what really impressed us is their dinner set-up, complete  with catering and pizza to be enjoyed in peace and tranquility with your children or while they play, top quality pizzerias in the neighborhood provide the meals (but only by reservation)  you can enjoy, for example, a menu with a choice of pizza + chips + dessert and beverage of your choice for  €16 adults and  €12 for children offer vaild on condition that you consume on the premises and make use of the indoor entertainment facilities.

The bathroom is  equipped with free diapers and babywipes, a hairdryer and cotton towels,the venue also supplies high chairs, a microwave and a bottle warmer. There is also free parking available with space for a maximum of  6 cars, free Wifi, and relief in the form of a universal phone  battery charger,  free for all mobile phones.

In conclusion, we recommend a visit, at least to be able to enjoy dinner in peace while your children play and have fun in a safe environment!


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I dolci di nonna Vincenza

Here is a great place to take a luxurious break!

This café/gelateria is located  at no.32 Strada Maggiore, not far from the Museum of Music. It takes its name from athe proprietor’s actual grandmother,  Vincenza, whom we’re proudly told really exists, lives in Catania and still prepares traditional Sicilian sweets.

At this modern café/gelateria in Strada Maggiore you will find lots of sweet treats, biscuits and ice cream, all made with natural ingredients and authentic recipes according to grandmother Vincenza’s instructions.

Each month the bakery organizes competitions offering a cake as a reward, such as s children’s drawing competition  for Father’s Day.

We love that  the space is very large, you can easily visit with a stroller, there are  very comfortable several corners with armchairs and sofas, where you can relax and enjoy the treats you’ve just bought.

The highlight for M.O.M are  the small tables placed strategically for children to color, their designs are then collected and added to the growing  collection already hanging on a column in th venue!

You will also find high chairs and shortly, also a changing table.

We love  the piano showcased near the entrance, it’s a classy touch but it is a shame not to take advantage of that space to get another corner with armchairs replicating the other side of the room, which we find comfortble and highly recommend! 


Fram Café; Bistrot; Bio; Veg, via Rialto 22

Fram Cafe’ via Rialto 22

Fram is a quaint local cafe that reminds me of  the quintessential French style bistro’s.

The menu is vegetarian, vegan and wholesome,  the owners, Elena and her daughter Nicole, are on a mission to encourage healthy and conscious nutrition , all food and beverages served are organic and freshly prepared.

What really impressed us at Fram is the environment  – tranquil and  considerate, especially to the needs of children (the owners are themselves are grandmother and mother of two beautiful little boys, whom they joke grew up in Fram), the comfy sofa is a delight for children add to that homely, colorful vintage furnishings, a small library with books (where you can do book-exchanges) as well as coloured markers and paper.

There are colourful cups and saucers suitable for children, a baby bottle warmer and soon the owners will introduce a children’s menu.

The bathroom is perfect, very clean, painted in a comforting bright pink complete with  a changing mat and towel, a small stepping stool and heating designed to keep parents and children warm during diaper changes! What more could we ask for!

As we mentioned the menu (which changes daily and is displayed on a board in the cafe) is vegan, but generous,  you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, with classic croissants and for more international tastes muesli and cereals, yogurt or soy milk, or snack on freshly prepared fruit and veg cakes and biscuits and much more, in peace and calm with your children in tow.


The patience, care and attention that the owners reserve for visitors and families with children.

The open, beautiful kitchen that creates the impression of being at home….



Perhaps a wider variety of games made available, to accomodate older children (perhaps obtaining a corner game).

The only flaw:  the space is small and tight, we suggest closing your prams/strollers to enter more comfortable and not block anyone elses way, also Fram is situated at the intersection of two relatively busy streets,  be careful that toddlers do not open the door onto the street.

In conclusion, we can recommend this lovely bistro for breakfast, lunch, snacks and occassional appetizers.



Centro Medico Santagostino

Centro Medico Santagostino,
Via Massarenti 46/i
Centro Medico Santagostino, sede di Bologna. Foto di Ugo De Berti, www.udb.it

A gennaio di quest’anno è arrivato a Bologna Centro Medico Santagostino, un network di poliambulatori nati a Milano nel 2009 che forniscono visite specializzate, esami, controlli dentali, psicologici, fisioterapia etc. servizi di alta qualità a prezzi accessibili. Potete leggerne di più cliccando qui www.cmsantagostino.it

Centro Medico Santagostino, sede di Bologna. Foto di Ugo De Berti, www.udb.it

E’ più di una clinica, Santagostino è un posto family friendly attrezzato con fasciatoio ed angolo gioco per bimbi, è sicuramente un posto confortevole dove incontrare i medici senza traumatizzare i bambini; è dotato di medici specializzati sull’infanzia :pediatra, neuropsichiatra infantile, logopedista e altri presto molti altri.

Centro Medico Santagostino, sede di Bologna. Foto di Ugo De Berti, www.udb.itcms-inaugurazione-bologna-34Centro Medico Santagostino, sede di Bologna. Foto di Ugo De Berti, www.udb.itcms-inaugurazione-bologna-26

Ogni angolo del Centro Medico Santagostino sembra progettato per essere adatto a tutte le famiglie ed include
– fasciatoio
– poltrona massaggiante

Stazione Esperienzuole
– Tappa della salute
– bilancia
– tappa Crescita


Adesso le buone notizie:

50% di sconto per la prima visita e 5% di risparmio sulle visite successive!

* Santagostino è  il primo poliambulatorio ad essere M.O.M approved.



Pane, vino e San Daniele via Altabella 3/a Bologna

Quest’osteria si trova in pieno centro, raggiungibile a pochi minuti a piedi da via Indipendenza o da Piazza Maggiore. Le mura del locale sono molto antiche per cui i gestori non hanno potuto apportare molte modifiche ma l’hanno riadattato alle loro esigenze mettendo tavoli con delle belle panche e dipingendo il muro con uno stupendo disegno delle colline bolognesi. L’atteggiamento dei gestori e’ totalmente family friendly e cercano in ogni modo di venire incontro alle esigenze delle famiglie, dando anche pastelli colorati e tovagliette prestampate con disegni.

Ci piace

Le panche su cui i bambini possono divertirsi a passeggiare, le matite colorate, i numerosi seggioloni ed il fasciatoio in bagno. Il locale non è un ristorante per cui non possono essere cotti piatti sul momento ma l’ampio menù prevede anche cibi adatti ai bambini, inoltre se i genitori lo desiderano possono portare piatti pronti per i loro figli, che i camerieri scalderanno con piacere (addirittura si tollera che vengano portati cibi per bimbi dai vicini fast food!).Essendo un’osteria la cucina apre già alle 18, cosa gradita ai turisti stranieri in visita a Bologna.

Ci piacerebbe che

Venisse ampliata l’offerta di intrattenimento con libri e giochi da tavola 

Il locale si è’ aggiudicato il bollino sia per l’atteggiamento del personale che per la qualità’ dei servizi offerti, ovviamente lo consigliamo!